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Z3x Easy Jtag Plus Box

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Built on the Success of the original Z3x Easy Jtag Box, Z3X Team are proud to present the new hardware interface EasyJTAG Plus Box, which boasts some MAJOR hardware improvements and Features including One click device repair, Boot repair, Data recovery, eMMC firmware repair, Partition management, eMMC service operations, SPI memory programming.

This Upgraded PLUS version features ultra fast data transfer, has the possibility of increasing functionality in the future: hardware of the new box is ready to support new protocols like UFS* and NAND*.

Box Features

  • One click device repair
  • Boot repair
  • Data recovery
  • eMMC firmware repair
  • Partition management
  • eMMC service operations
  • SPI memory programming


Socket Features

  • Combining the top quality materials with best engineering and elegantly designed hardware for the powerful eMMC Socket.
  • Made from the high quality materials
  • Over 10K cycles of lifetime performance in your service center
  • Wide range of eMMC IC supported by: BGA153/169, BGA162/186, BGA221, BGA529
  • High-speed up to 30 MB per second over 8 bit bus.
  • EMI resistant design, low noise components
  • Integrated power logic. Additional power source is no more need
  • Surge protection – smart fuse driven (0.5A threshold)


Software Features


Free access to large dump and pinouts database and constantly updated software tools



The main application allowing you to use most of the product features. It’s the most powerful tool of all



Lightweight software, made especially for mobile phones repair, eMMC memory chips replacement and user data recovery



Identifying, reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash chips. It is designed to flash BIOS images on mainboards, routers, e.t.c.



Create user customized repair packages. This is partition layout, pinout, eMMC preconfig and instructions



Access to most useful box functionality to create your own decisions



Main benefits of new Z3x Easy Jtag Plus Box

  • Updated CPU AT SAM3X8E vs LPC1768 in old box.
  • Updated FPGA SPARTAN6 vs SPARTAN3 in old box
  • Updated Power Logic – Full Digital PWM with ADC control.
  • MicroUSB Connector if additional power required.
  • VCC and VCCQ overload protection.
  • Updated host interface: USB 2.0 Device/Mini Host: 480 Mbps
  • Integrated ISP engine: Z3X High Power Pro Engine
  • ISP Support 1 and 4 bit connection now **
  • Added eMMC 8 bit high speed interface up to 48Mhz
  • Integrated NAND engine: NFC with 4 Kbyte RAM buffer and ECC
  • Integrated M-PHY interface.
  • Integrated SPI/I2C engine: up to 65 MHz for HSMCI and SPI clock lines
  • Integrated Self Test Core that exclude 90% faults in production.
  • Integrated CCID Card Reader for Z3X Software Use



What you get with new hardware :

  • Box to Host PC speed increase up to 35MB/sec
  • JTAG Interface speed increase 20%
  • eMMC ISP Speed increase up to 4MB/sec
  • eMMC 8 Bit Speed up to 26MB/sec
  • Compatibility with 99.9 host PC systems and OSes
  • Compatibility with old Easy JTAG G1 ISP adapters ( 1bit )
  • Adapter-less ISP ( all stuff inside the box )
  • Compatibility with all market popular eMMC sockets ( 8 bit )
  • True Plug and Play for modern Windows OS ( 8, 8.1 , 10 )
  • Full Support for legacy OS like Windows XP



Z3x Easy JTAG Plus FULL PACKAGE Contents :

  • Easy JTAG Plus Box Main Interface Hardware
  • Z3X Smart Card with Easy JTAG Plus Activation
  • Z3X Certified EMMC Socket (BGA153/169, BGA162/186, BGA221, BGA529)
  • 5 Piece Adapter Set1 Year Free support access to our file support servers.
    • JTAG Pin 20 Standard Cable.
    • ISP Soldering connector 1bit.
    • ISP Soldering connector 4bit.
    • 20P to 20P Adapter for E type Socket.
    • 20P to 20P Adapter for U type Socket.
  • USB A to B Cable


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