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Riff Box 2

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Riff Box 2

New 2018 Stock now comes with Free RC2000 Adapter

RIFF BOX 2 Hardware Specification

  • Dual-core Cortex-M4 MCU @ 204MHz
  • PC to Box USB (Device) Speed: Hi-Speed (480 Mbps)
  • Box to Device (Host) Speed: Full-Speed (48 Mbps)
  • SD/MMC Interface with 1-Bit (DAT0) and 4-Bit (DAT0-DAT3) Bus Width support and SD_CLK up to 52 MHz
  • UART Interface
  • RIFF  Smart Probing Feature
  • Level-adjustable 23 GPIO Lines (1.65V to 3.6V) for interfacing a range of devices and protocols, such as NAND, SPI, I2C, Pin Finder, etc.
  • 4 fixed 3.3V GPIO Lines


RIFF BOX 2 Interface Specification

  • 20-Pin Male Connector:
    JTAG Interface: TRST, TDI, TMS, TCK, RTCK, TDO and NRST
    SWD (Serial Wire Debug) Interface: SWCLK, SWDIO (SWDIO and SWCLK are overlaid on the TMS and TCK pins)
  • 30-Pin Male Connector:
    SD/MMC Interface 1/4Bit @ 52MHz
    Level-adjustable 23 GPIO Lines (1.65V to 3.6V)
    USB Device Connector: connects the Box with PC @ Hi-Speed (480 Mbps), approx. 20 MByte/sec
  • USB Host Connector: connects the Box with USB devices @ Full-Speed (48 Mbps), approx. 1.5-2 MByte/sec
  • RJ-45 Connector:
    RIFF  Smart Probing Feature
    UART Port
    4 Fixed 3.3V GPIO Lines


Supported SD/MMD Revisions:
Revisions 1.0 to 1.7 (for MMC: v4.0, v4.1, v4.2, v4.3, v4.41, v4.5, v4.51, v5.0) and higher


Supported JTAG Cores:

  • ARM7,
  • ARM920,
  • ARM926,
  • ARM946,
  • ARM7EJS,
  • ARM11,
  • CORTEX-A5,
  • CORTEX-A8,
  • CORTEX-A9,
  • CORTEX-A15,
  • OMAP3430,
  • OMAP3630,
  • OMAP4430,
  • TEGRA2 (ARM7),
  • PXA270,
  • PXA312
  • MIPS32  IR5Bit,
  • MIPS32  IR8Bit,


New hardware and software is fully compatible with Windows 10, which provides effortless installation. Just connect RIFF Box to Windows 10 based PC and everything will be installed automatically. For older Windows versions, there are custom drivers provided with RIFF JTAG Manager installer.



RIFF Box 2 Features

RIFF Box 2 JTAG firmware supports following features at the moment:

  • ARM7/ARM9/ARM11  PXA3xx,  PXA270, Cortex-A8, OMAP850, Cortex-A9 , Cortex-A15, Cortex-A5 Dual/Quad cores support
  • Multiple  devices  on  JTAG  chain  are supported, thus TAP number selection is available
  • Any custom voltage  level selection  from range ~1.4V to 3.3V
  • TCK/Adaptive clocking selection
  • Halt core (NRST is not changed)
  • Reset core (NRST is applied before halt)
  • Direct  Read  memory  (by  8/16/32-bit bytes/half-words/words)
  • Direct  Write  memory  (by  8/16/32-bit bytes/half-words/words)
  • Access  to  the  control  registers  of ARM core (coprocessor 15)
  • Program code breakpoints
  • Run core
  • Custom scripting and DCC loader support (trace32 compatible)
  • Custom GDB Server Available
  • I/O pins detection !Unique feature offered only by RIFF JTAG
  • i2C Connectivitysupported
  • iSP Connectivity supported
  • SPi Connectivity supported
  • eMMC Connectivity supported


This is list of supported memory controllers and chipsets and CPU cores using Direct Memory Access :

Currently supported memory controllers are:

  • OneNAND Memory (connected directly to the MCUs address space)
  • CFI Compliant NOR Memory with CFI Command sets 0x0001, 0x0002, 0x0200 and 0x0003
  • NAND Controller in MSM6250, MSM6250A
  • NAND Controller in QSC6055, QSC6085, QSC6240, QSC6270
  • NAND Controller in MDM6085, MDM6200, MDM6600
  • NAND Controller in MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6270, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6280A, MSM6281, MSM6290, MSM6800A, MSM6801A
  • NAND Controller and OneNAND Controller in MSM7225, MSM7227, MSM7625, MSM7627
  • NAND Controller in MSM7200, MSM7200A, MSM7201A, MSM7500, MSM7500A, MSM7501A, MSM7600
  • NAND Controller in QSD8250, QSD8650
  • eMMC Controller #2 in MSM7230, MSM8255, MSM8255T
  • eMMC Controller #0 in S5PV310

Currently supported chipsets and cores for JTAG I/O operations:

  • Generic ARM Cores: ARM7, ARM9 (ARM920, ARM926, ARM946), ARM11, CORTEX-A8,CORTEX-A9
  • Qualcomm QSC Family: QSC1100, QSC1110, QSC6010, QSC6020, QSC6030, QSC6055, QSC6085, QSC6240, QSC6270
  • Qualcomm MSM Family: MSM6000, MSM6150, MSM6245, MSM6246, MSM6250, MSM6250A, MSM6260, MSM6275, MSM6280, MSM6280A, MSM6281, MSM6800A, MSM6801A, MSM6290, MSM7225, MSM7227, MSM7625, MSM7627, MSM7230, MSM8255, MSM8255T, MSM8260
  • Qualcomm QSD Family: QSD8250, QSD8650
  • Qualcomm ESM Family: ESM7602A
  • Qualcomm MDM Family: MDM6085 MDM6200, MDM6600
  • OMAP Family: OMAP1710, OMAP3430, OMAP3630, OMAP4430
  • NVIDIA Family: TEGRA2
  • Marvell/XScale Family: PXA270, PXA271, PXA272, PXA310, PXA312, PXA320.
  • Samsung Processors: S5P6422, S5PV310.



Package Contents

1 x Riff Box 2

1 x RC2000 Adapter With Packet of Jtag Wires


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